Bankruptcy Attorney For Veterans and Active Military Members

Disabled veterans have made immense sacrifices for their country, and it's only fitting that they receive the support and protection they deserve. For years, disabled veterans in the United States were facing an unfortunate reality in bankruptcy proceedings, where their military disability pay was being treated as income and affecting their ability to get a [...]

Bankruptcy Attorney Services: When Is Bankruptcy a Good Idea for Senior Citizens?

There comes a time in everyone's life where you cannot work anymore, even if you still have bills to pay. Whether it's credit card debt, medical bills, or otherwise, debt collectors will continue calling and sending letters even after you've long retired.  Eventually, seniors drowning in debt are left with one of two major choices: [...]

Is there a certain amount of debt to qualify for bankruptcy?

There is no established minimum debt amount to file for bankruptcy. But it probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense unless you were struggling severely to make payments on current debts. Whether filing for bankruptcy makes sense for you will depend entirely on your circumstances. Debt qualifications for bankruptcy are related to how much you [...]

How to Stop Wage Garnishment Through Bankruptcy

When you're struggling to pay debts, wage garnishment only adds insult to injury. Let's face it — who wants chunks of their hard-earned paycheck taken out every month? In fact, the court can order your employer to take as much as 25% of your paycheck to pay creditors. How can you get back on your feet financially when you're losing a [...]

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